cmJ Records

cmJ Records

■ About cmJ Records

As a small independent label, we are unable to invest heavily in advertising or support.

The benefits for affiliated musicians include

  • Higher frequency of their music being used compared to non-affiliated musicians
  • Inclusion of their name on cmJ Records’ website, which serves as promotion
  • Elimination of the application process for distribution services
  • Elimination of the application process to transfer revenue generated from distribution services to their own account

Even if you are already affiliated with another label, as long as you have permission from your current label, cmJ Records has no issue with you participating on a per-song basis.

■ Regarding copyright

We do not purchase the copyright.

The copyright belongs to you.

■ If you wish to have the usage of the music stopped

Please contact us, and we will take appropriate action.

We will request the distributor to cease the distribution.

In that case, the video will need to be made private, so we would greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

■ Participation requirements

  • AI-generated music is not allowed
  • Original music only
  • Chill instrumental music only
  • Only music that has not been distributed through a distributor and does not have a Content ID attached is allowed
  • The music must have clean rights related to Content ID registration and commercial use
  • Music that is excessively short or long is not allowed (approximately 2 to 3-4 minutes is desirable)
  • We use TOWER CLOUD for distribution services(It is a distributor in Japan)
  • When we register your music to the distribution service, you need some kind of image. (3000px x 3000px)
  • The loudness should be adjusted to approximately -10 to -12LUFS
  • Format is WAV
  • Channels is Stereo
  • File size is 700MB or less
  • Sampling rate/bit rate: 16bit/44.1kHz or 24bit/48kHz